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Playground and Game Rules

Bagby B's On the Playground

Be Safe:

  • Use equipment safely
  • Walk to and from the playground
  • Use hands and feet in a safe way
  • Tell an adult about dangerous things or problems

Be Respectful

  • Follow adult direction
  •  Include everyone
  •  Solve problems with words, not  hands or feet

Be Responsible

  • Eat your snack in the correct location 
  • Walk to your line when the bell rings 
  • Put equipment away in the correct places 
  • Stay within Boundaries

Map of Boundaries  

These Things Are Prohibited:
  1. Running on asphalt areas (except when playing basketball).
  2. Climbing fences or playing near outer parameter fences.
  3. Throwing any objects other than balls. Throwing rocks can result in suspension.
  4. Kicking balls on the blacktop, into trees, or onto roof.
  5. Climbing or swinging in trees.
  6. Playing ball near a building.
  7. Fighting (including play fighting).
  8. Name-calling or rude language.
  9. Playing in drinking fountains and restrooms.
  10. Rough playing, piling, or jumping on other students.
  11. Writing or drawing on any school property.
  12. Bringing balls from home
Positive Consequences:

We will provide Best Bagby Behavior Bands to students who follow the Bagby B's. Positive reinforcements are provided to students, groups of students, or to an entire class. When we collect enough bands to fill our BIG office container... Everyone gets 5 extra minutes of recess...even the teachers!